Chairman Message

Chairman Message


Mr. Vidhyanand Yadav

- Chairman

Education is not only related to academics but it is the sum total of what an individual learns throughout his life. The key to success in the world lies in the hope that education is a continuous and ongoing process. I believe that school plays a vital role in moulding student’s future. RDS Public School, with its inception on 24 April 2011 with above .My father was a freedom fighter and love to children, his intention was to all rounder development, of every child with this goal. I start this educational institute in the leap of nature. Our caring and committed teachers are our pillars of strength .they not only teach our children but give them homely environment, love and affection. They learn here with joy. Our accomplishment over the past 7 years and our reputation as one of the area’s best schools exemplify the success of our educational model to reach the students their maximum potential. I warmly invite you all to explore RDS Public School as we re- dedicate ourselves every day, to impart the best education to young minds.

Mr.Vidhyanand Yadav

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